2018 Sower & Harvest Short Story Prizes

Announcing our winners!

The competition was open to current homeschool students. Prizes were awarded to all winners.


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From the Founder:

I’m always fascinated with the mechanics of creating a story.  There is a multitude of pieces that must come together with a precision to communicate a narrative. Then there are the methodical details that make a story impressionable and forever memorable.

Our participants this year have demonstrated a proficiency in the craft of storytelling.  The themes this year were aimed to challenge our young participants throughout the entire writing process.  With nothing more than a theme, we wanted to see some great original stories. Our desire was to see relatable, cohesive, genuine, and purposeful stories that leave a lasting impression.

We are deeply grateful to all our participants this year. We also wanted to give a special thanks to all the homeschooling parents who have invested so much into the hearts of these participants. Thank you for being a tremendous support to us and to the writers we showcase on our site. You inspire us to continue to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

And now, we present the winners of the 2018 Sower & Harvest Short Story Prizes!


Carlos G. Ortega

Founder, Burning Bush Press

Level A (3rd- 4th grade)

First Place: Love Your Enemies by Karissa Chmil

Second Place: I Am Wilka by Claire Pilatin

Third Place: Annie and Singing River by Norah Krumholz


Level B (5th- 6th grade)

First Place: Silver Dollar by Evelyn House

Second Place: Second Chance by Anna Renee Stump

Third Place: Choices by Eliza Jane Donohoo


Level C (7th- 8th grade)

First Place: The Untold Story by Brooke Cox

Second Place: Discovering My Mission Field by Emily Baffa

Third Place: A Day of Freedom by Katherine Kennelly

Honorable Mentions

Promises to Fulfill by Curtis A. Bender

Birdy or Ashlyn by Harper Crump

Addison and Her Doll by Kaylee Forgerson

Nell’s Fried Chicken by Ayah Jackson

Lilly’s Decision by Nadia Lockard

Pauline’s Choice by Sophia Linh Rozdilsky

A Risky Companion by Jessica Bender

A Valuable Lesson by Ella Cortez

Michael and the Sheep by Simone Ruth Norwick

More Than Just Soup by Jillian Pedone

The Ballet Shoes by Eva Sohl

Seeing Clearly by Rachel Evans

The Right Choice by Madeline Kennelly

Snowballs by Sam Buck

Facing Mountains by Emma Cox

The Journey to Surrender by Amber Kuhn

The Surrender by Kylee Rodgers

The Truth by Ethan Ruelle

Crystal’s Gift by Kylie Stockton