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2020 Sower & Harvest
Short Story Prizes

The competition was open to current homeschool students. Prizes were awarded to all winners.

A Note From the Founder


Our contest themes of selfishness, integrity, and regret were intended to underscore the importance of character. Without good moral character, our society would fall into an abyss of despair.

Thankfully, God-fearing, Bible-believing homeschooling parents continue to impart wonderful virtues in their children that in time will bring honor to God and help shape our society in the future.

Parents, we value your efforts and it is our hope that this contest served as a means to highlight the harvest you’ve reaped in your children.

To all who participated, we sincerely thank you for sharing your creative work with us. Please know that you each represent a bountiful harvest of hope and encouragement for years to come.

Our contest would not be successful without our sponsors. Their support for this contest illustrates their commitment to providing resources that enrich the homeschooling experience. We’re grateful to partner with them for our third biennial Sower & Harvest Short Story Prizes.

And now, we present the winners of the 2020 Sower & Harvest Short Story Prizes!


Carlos G. Ortega

Founder, Burning Bush Press



Special Thanks To Our Generous Sponsors


Level A

3rd through 4th grade

1st PlaceGabby and Martha | by Trinity Maurer
2nd PlaceSelfish No More
by Annie Davis
3rd PlaceAnnie's Selfishness
by Alessandra Lockard


5th through 6th grade

1st PlaceA Snowy Day
by Jane Hodges
2nd PlaceA Bold Choice
by Curtis Bender
3rd PlaceSister and Brother
by Addie Lee Ann Van Neste


7th through 8th grade

1st PlaceWhen Losing Is a Victory
by Jessica Bender
2nd PlaceFinding Peace
by Emery Humphreys
3rd PlaceLaw and Order
by Ellie Hodges

Honorable Mentions

Grace Wins by Anna Kranzow

Apology Sister by Anae Bruneau

The Colors of the Rainbow by Yanna Boddy

In Memory by Yurianna McCall

What a Stranger May Bring by Aaron Silva

Just This Once by Jonathan McComas

Serving God and the Union by Elijah Umberger

Forgiven by Grace Larsen

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