for homeschoolers

2022 Sower & Harvest
Short Story Prizes

The competition was open to current homeschool students. Prizes were awarded to all winners.

A Note From the Founders


Many have experienced trials and tribulations over the last two years. As our nation experiences dramatic shifts, the God-fearing, Bible-studying, homeschooling families who never faltered throughout the education of their children proved to be the encouragement, hope, and light our world needs today.

Thank you, parents, for encouraging your children to participate in our contest as you continue to labor over your harvest.

Our contest participants, through their literary work, demonstrated the hope and cognizance our world needs. We thank you sincerely for your participation and hope the experience offered you a renewed satisfaction and a greater passion for literary creative work.

To our faithful sponsors—who have continued to show their support for this contest and recognize the value of such an endeavor—our sincerest thanks to you. We look forward to working with you in the future once again.

Now, it is with great excitement and pleasure that we present to you the winners of the 2022 Sower & Harvest Short Story Prizes!

Carlos & Eréndira Ortega
Founding Editors, Burning Bush Press



Special Thanks To Our Generous Sponsors


Level A

3rd through 4th grade

the hypocritical dad

First Place

The Hypocritical Dad
by Timothy Loudreau

a family

Second Place

A Family
by Genesis Turpin


Third Place

by Ruth Shealy


5th through 6th grade

life or death

First Place

Life or Death
by Kayla Hernandez

stolen saturday

Second Place

Stolen Saturday
by Anna Roos

a sprinkle of kindness

Third Place

A Sprinkle of Kindness
by Ashley Bender


7th through 8th grade

difference maker

First Place

Difference Maker
by Tessa Lauffer

a decision we must make

Second Place

A Decision We Must Make
by Annika Bessingpas

the burning bush

Third Place

The Burning Bush
by Rachel Coursen

Honorable Mentions

A Good Friend by Sophia Lewis

Journey to America by Sophia A. Murray

The Pile of Chores by James Roos

Thank you for your support