An Open Letter to my Eldest Son About New Beginnings


In just a few hours it will be 2018. In all reality, there really isn’t anything magical about it. For many people though, it just feels like a new beginning. It feels like a chance to do better in more ways than one.

For me as your dad, it’s really more about a time of reflection. I think about what we’ve been able to do as a family, what each of us has done individually, what we have improved and where we have failed. When I think about 2017, I remember a whole bunch of things… some good and of course some bad.

As I write you this email, I’m actually lying on your bed waiting for Esther and Elijah to go to sleep. Above your bed hangs your U-2 spyplane and I feel that you are growing up faster than I want you to. It’s a natural thing to feel that way as a father, but honestly, it makes me nervous to know that you will soon be a man. Why does it make me nervous? It is because I truly desire that you become better than me in every possible way and that nothing hurt you that once hurt me.

I can understand that might make you feel pressure at certain times. I also understand that your strengths and weaknesses are unique to your character. But just remember son, every challenge I give you, every trial we go through, every lesson we learn, every piece of wisdom I can give you. I give to you with a love that only a father can give.

You are special Lucas. You truly are. You should always know in your heart that I love you son. You are capable of so much. God has given you the wisdom of your parents to use as a launching pad for your life. Learn from it. Take it to new heights and witness the many things God can do with a willing heart. Conquer your pride and once again show compassion and I promise you will experience a joy and a peace in your life that will bring happiness to your life.

You are many miles away at this very moment but know that my thoughts and heart are with you my son. My prayers are with you and I hope to hear from you soon.


A father reflects on the future of his son and pens an open letter that admonishes him to follow the Lord. Click to read full post.

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