There was a time when…


  • a man recognized the voice of God and humbled himself before the Almighty
  • God’s spoken and written word was pressed unto the hearts of man
  • when obedience to God’s word mattered more than our personal conveniences
  • when a man would become alarmed by his sinful condition and realize his need for a Saviour


Times have undoubtedly changed.

In just a few generations, man has lifted himself higher than the highest, made truth relative to his desires, and distanced himself from God – so much so that the word of God is no longer the absolute truth for him. Christians are caught in the undercurrent of it all and in desperate need of spiritual sharpening.

When God spoke to Moses from a burning bush, He gave Moses a purpose, provided a direction in his life, and supplied him with the necessary courage to confront all challenges ahead of him.

The mission of Burning Bush Press is similar: to honor the message and direction that we are called to live, as Moses did.

Burning Bush Press, like its namesake, seeks to develop and encourage fellow believers in the faith while encouraging them to be grounded spiritually in biblical doctrine and to live it openly. The world today needs to be reminded of who Christians truly serve and represent—the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Our website articles and other literary projects will help you find inspiration and practical application to sharpen you spiritually, encourage you in biblical truth, and ground you in your faith. It’s a labor of love from our homeschool family of five. It brings together the talents of a husband (an engineer, tech and outdoor enthusiast) and his wife (a published writer and homeschool mom). This synergy, along with the enthusiasm of our two boys and little girl make Burning Bush Press our reasonable service (Romans 12:1-2) to our Lord Jesus Christ—encouraging Christians to honor His message and answer His call.