Submission Guidelines

We are looking for writing that is insightful, engaging, and biblically grounded. We want to highlight the best in believers’ voices around the world.


Because times have undoubtedly changed in just a few generations where man has lifted himself up to become his own idol or has made truth relative to his desires, we are seeking work that will spiritually sharpen believers across the world, addressing some of the following questions:

  • Is a pragmatic approach to ministry consistent with the building of a New Testament Church?

  • Why do so many in ministry avoid sharing what the Bible says about sin?

  • Why is Christianity leaning towards becoming the religion of tolerance instead of absolute truth?

  • The Bible is becoming more divisive among church leaders. Why is there less of a consensus today?

  • Why are young people leaving the church by the time they graduate high-school?

  • Is the church undermining the role of the parents with all its ministries?


Please use proper discretion when submitting your work. Does your idea align with our mission? Are we the market in which you would like to place your by-line? If so, read on.



  • Biblically ground your premise with book, chapter, and verse. This is where our readers would start to understand where you’re going with your piece.
  • We will consider expository articles, personal or reflective essays, reportage, profiles, and first-person narratives.
  • Please submit up to 2,000 words maximum, 1,500 words minimum.
  • We encourage short paragraphs and bullet points as well as subheadings.
  • We will check grammar, spelling, and readability to make it as tight as possible for our readers. You will receive the revisions for your approval.
  • Spend some time thinking about a compelling headline for your work that will attract readers.
  • All submissions should be emailed to: cgo {at} burningbush {dot} press with the subject line: Submission [TITLE OF WORK].
  • Do not send attachments. Put your entire piece in the body of the email.
  • Deadline March 30, 2019


Include the following as a closing to your work:

  • URLs to your blog and other links to social media sites (Google +, Twitter, Facebook, or other)
  • links to previous articles, publications, or published works
  • short bio (2-4 sentences maximum)


What we don’t want:

We do not accept poetry, fiction, product reviews, bible studies, or devotionals.

Please do not submit something previously published elsewhere, be it online or print.